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HOOKUP is our signature adhesive and features a 0.5 second set time (almost instant). With low fumes and an incredibly strong hold, HOOKUP is ideal for experienced lash artists looking for amazing retention (6-8 week hold).

HOOKUP works best at humidities ranging from 35-55% and temperatures 68-72°F.

+ 0.5 seconds set time (almost instant)

+ Major Flexibility

+ Glossy Black Color

+ Up to 8 Week Hold

+ Low Fumes

+ 35-55% RH Optimal Humidity


Keep adhesive in a cool environment in an airtight container with dry rice (or silica beads). DO NOT store in refrigerator once opened.

HOOKUP should be shaken for about 3 minutes before use. This adhesive is thin and extremely strong therefore isolate the natural lash before picking up or dipping extension. Once isolated, dip 2-3 MM (classic) or 1-2MM (volume) and bring directly to the natural lash. Do not shimmy or “paint” the natural lash with the adhesive. Simply press this adhesive to the natural lash base and hold for 1 second.

WARNING: Glue is recommended only for advanced artists who isolate lashes perfectly and work very fast. For professional use only. Esthetician license required to use this adhesive.


  1. Tiffany

    I have been searching and searching for an adhesive that works in my ever changing humidity as well as giving my clients amazing retention.

    This adhesive has changed my lashing career. I am so thankful! Highly recommend

  2. Shelby

    LOVEEEE this adhesive! I have been using it in summer and was worried with the change in environment temp/humidity. This stuff is magical.

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